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Hello Kendra Michelle Photography' Wow - what a beautiful experience working with Kendra. And her art? Every portrait image is carefully edited and truly expresses the personality and spirit of this young mother-to-be. 
portrait by Hello Kendra Michelle Photography

Kendra Anderson of 'Hello Kendra Michelle Photography'  has been a sweet friend for a few years now. Her business ethic is superb and customer service is exceptional. I knew she would be a perfect photographer for a special client, our lovely daughter. Holly and Brett live 5 hours away in Tulsa Oklahoma and Kendra was especially wonderful about scheduling the session around their work and travel. 
Kendra and Holly hit it off immediately, Kendra's warm personality and genuine interest in her clients would put anyone at ease. She and Holly were soon laughing like two school girls sharing a bag of skittles and secrets on a school bus. 
The session covered three locations previously scouted by Kendra specifically with Holly's session in mind and two clothing changes. {Yes brides-to-be, moms-to-be bring multiple outfits too! so cute!}
Approximately 2 weeks after the session a package arrived for the expectant couple. (No, not the baby!) 
Receiving your special images from Hello Kendra Michelle Photography is similar to Christmas morning. You have had a few sneak peaks, but the anticipation of what is really in the package is pure delight!
Packaged with her attention to detail, Kendra's clients receive a personal gift of their own memories - sure to be cherished for a lifetime.
A personal note from Kendra filled my eyes with tears, how precious and dear. I will never regret hiring a professional to capture my daughters first pregnancy. What a beautiful moment in a woman's life.  
I carefully removed the tape and lifted off the tissue packing; to reveal the package wrapped in yellow burlap ribbon & a card stock note from Kendra, thanking us for sharing this special occasion with her.

 The actual cd of images is in a personal 'notebook' cd holder and was our first glimpse of the beautiful portraits on the cd. When the cd case is opened I laughed at the whimsical photo Kendra chose for the cd. It perfectly expresses without words Holly's sweet, fun spirit.  
If you are waiting for photography products from your photographer I sincerely hope they are packaged with the attention and care that Kendra provides her clients. If you are interested in hiring a professional photographer 'Hello Kendra Michelle Photography' is your girl! Visit her website at 
Hiring a professional photographer to capture life's precious moments will fill your heart with joy! Holly and her husband are beyond thrilled with their portraits and can't wait to welcome Tommy to their home. Thank you sweet Kendra! If you would like to learn more about 'Hello Kendra Michelle' photography follow our blog for the studio interview with Kendra next week! 

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  1. {thank you so much friend for the kind words! Really enjoyed working with you two!}