Featured Vendor chat with Hello Kendra Michelle Photography

This month's featured vendor chat is with Hello Kendra Michelle Photography ~ 
We were lucky to catch up with Kendra, creative wonder woman powering ‘Hello Kendra Michelle Photography. Here is our casual conversation with this talented young lady:
#1 what influenced you to become a photographer?

This may sound so cliche, but I really find enjoyment in creating memories for people. Having the privilege to document a special day or time in other people's life is a total blast, even more so when they get all giddy over the images, give a hug and say a simple 'thank you' - how rewarding! 

I hope my images can be a constant reminder of the joyful times in life - everyone goes through the 'ups and downs'  of life and need a reminder of the good times :) I want my images to do just that. 

#2 What or who inspires you?

Give me a great station on Pandora (like purity ring) and Pinterest. The talent I see in other people totally blows me away and that inspires more - others talent. Inspires me to push myself a little more and get out of the box - Three Nails Photography comes to mind! And it does not necessarily have to be photography - it can be anything. I love how anyone can apply creativity to everyday life or their art. 

#3 if you were an animal what would you be?

Don't judge, but I would totally be a hippo. They have the life - really! Lounging in the water and sun all day with not a care in the world. But they could totally take a tiger if it got too close :) its the perfect combo! 

#5 What gets you going when you need to re-charge your artistic battery?

The same answer as question (2) - other peoples talent! Also, just getting out and shooting anything and everything. I find that collaborative shoots get those juices going :) I would suggest to any photographer to team up with some local vendors and do this a couple of times a year. Such fun times!

#6 What does 2014 hold for Kendra Michelle Photography?

Hoping to offer more variety in what type of sessions I offer - I like the idea of offering more options to better fit peoples needs. And I totally want to connect with more local photographers and vendors - I think this is so very important to have that safe circle and connecting. 

#7 I know you are a list maker - how else do you manage running a business, being a full time mom and supportive wife?

This has been such a struggle to find the right balance but after some trial and error, think we found a good balance that fits our little family great! Of course I LOVE lists and all things organization (more out of my way when the new school supplies are out). Sundays are the day we plan out our week and select which days I will edit, send off product, shoot, etc and I have found that Hootsuite is a great tool for social media. 

I don't want to be up all night editing or stressed out - its not good for me or my family. I take only a few sessions//weddings a year and work on photography only a certain amount a time per day (usually when little guys is napping) - I have weekends off and make it a goal not to over commitment. 

To all working mommies out there, find what works well with your family life and stick to your guns. Stress does not look good on anyone :) 
well said sweet friend! -- loved spending a little time with you 

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