Fall is for Sewing

Cool weather makes me think of plaid and wool fabric projects. A versatile fashion statement is the sheath dress and it can be worn year round with only a few minor changes and fabric selection. For instance, a short or 3/4 length sleeve and a wool blend fall fabric similar to the ones featured below will give you a winter daily dress for work or church. This vintage pattern features 3 sleeve lengths as well as 3 neckline variations.

For summer, eliminate the sleeves and select a summer weight suiting fabric such as gabardine or a cotton pique.  A simple sheath dress pattern is an essential in your sewing resume. It is not the first sewing project to tackle as a beginner seamstress but certainly it should be your 3rd or 4th project. This will be the first zipper installation for most new sewing enthusiasts. Not to worry, zippers are easy and there are plenty of YouTube video tutorials to prove it! I'll link one or two up here that I have bookmarked for my own reference.
Fall Fabrics I'm loving:
Glen plaid Italian wool suiting from Denver fabrics

This beautiful fall boucle tweed is from Gorgeous Fabrics
Double-C Bouclé - Autumn Tones
The soft grey wool blend below is from
Rayon Blend Shimmer Suiting Silver/Grey

Rayon Blend Shimmer Suiting Silver/Grey

Item Number: ES-871

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