Wedding Chandelier Decor is not just for ceilings

 Wedding chandelier decor is not just for the ceilings. Here are some glittering table decor ideas to consider for your wedding celebration.
submersible LED
The elegant bride planning to wow her guests with a reception that sparkles knows every detail matters. Shown on the table below, ribbon rhinestone embellished vases are filled with water beads and a submersible floralyte illuminates the scene. Dim the overhead lights for dancing but maintan the ambience of low lighting at each table with floralyte submersible leds.
Rhinestone vases

Bling by the roll
 A candelabra as pictured below would be beautiful with a floral arrangement on your guest sign in table or the favor display area. LED pillars can add the romance of candlelight without the danger of flames. 
3 arm candelabra

 Don't forget about the cake table! Add bling to the cake display with crystal embellished cake stands.

crystal cake stand
For some brides it's go big or go home - Here is an elaborate crystal cake display to sink your teeth into. Lovely!

An elegant, glittering reception must cover every detail. Including the chairs your guests will be seated in. This simple white satin cover has a sparkling rhinestone buckle on the back, the perfect touch for a beautiful wedding celebration.
Chandelier decor is not just for the ceiling - bring the sparkle and glamour to every table with beaded table chandeliers, crystal embellished vases and rhinestone decor on the chairs. Need help putting it all together? Come visit us on the Prairie, we know bling! Happy Wedding Wishes ~

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