Latest Wedding Color Trend Summer 2013: MINT!

There are many color predictions for the wedding industry and some fall a little flat. 
Rainbow color trend? We think not --
Trust me - a year later you will wonder whatever made you think 'rainbow' bridesmaids dresses was a good idea?? 

One color trend prediction we can shout about? MINT A refreshing color that has been left in the shadow of pinks and blues for far too long. 2013 is the summer for MINT. 
Here are a few photographs to get your wedding ensemble started:


Bella Figura Letterpress Invitation

Mary Jane's
Still looking for the perfect gown to complement a sweetly 'minted' affair?
why not this dream by Temperley
Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge is still influencing bridal fashion - as illustrated by the lovely long sleeves on this romantic gown. 

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