Vintage Labels & Garden Plant Pots

A $3.99 garden plant pot from IKEA is transformed into more than just another pretty pot with Papilio Inkjet waterslide decals and a vintage label from the Graphics Fairy.

Several examples of the lovely vintage images available on the Graphics Fairy blog site. All free - how wonderful is that for our crafty gifts and home decor?

I don't think my mother reads my blog -- a good thing because this was my 'test' forMother's Day gifts for her and my sisters. I will be sure to give them plants that are little more sprightly than this tired primrose.


  1. Oh my goodness...I saw these little buckets the other day at IKEA and thought they were sooooo cute. But you just brought them to a whole other level of sweetness! Great job!!! Hopped over from the Graphic Fairy! Blessings ~ Judy

  2. Oh how beautiful!! Just found your blog from the GF, and will subscribe. The lace on this is beautiful, where did you find it?

  3. I love seeing re-makes of IKEA items, they are so inexpensive and yet very unique items... great graphis! I bet your Mom and Sister will love this! Thanks for it!

  4. Nice idea and I've got one of those pots from an Ikea here [UK] which may get a makeover.