Parasol Ideas for Summer Weddings

We love the paper parasols from Luna Bazaar - have you seen their newest colors for 2013? Cameo, Emerald, Poppy, Stone, Spa Green & Wedgewood.

These delightful 'big girl' parasols would love to make an appearance at your outdoor summer wedding. Incorporating their size however can be tricky - don't want to block the first kiss photo, and certainly your guests didn't dress up in their summer finery only to stare at the back of a paper parasol during your wedding ceremony. How to incorporate this festive, fun detail without being upstaged by a parasol? We have a few suggestions:

Using them as aisle markers is a fun idea - plan to wire or tie them to the chair or the slightest breeze will them rolling down the aisle.

Source: via Shirley on Pinterest

Offering parasols in baskets for your guests will be appreciated, though  you might set them out somewhere other than the ceremony entrance. Place the basket near the beverage bar or have someone pass them out during cocktail hour. Otherwise during your ceremony the only view most guests will have will be that of the parasol in front of them.
Bring them out for a special photo with your maids. You don't have to provide one for every guest but you will have the photograph for your wedding memories and a sweet parting gift for your girlfriends who shared the special day with you.

Hang parasols from a tent ceiling. A creative way to add color and dimension to a large expanse of space that is often under-appreciated. If you are using a tent and wondering how to decorate the ceiling - here's your answer.

Here are Luna Bazaar's newest colors for Spring 2013

How would you use parasols in your summer wedding? Please share your comments, ideas and experiences below. Everyone is welcome to join in the conversation. Happy Wedding Wishes!

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