How to sew a Burlap Pocket

Welcome to the Prairie! I've been super busy and a little lazy about blogging - But I'm back with a great tutorial on how to sew a sweet burlap pocket for your rustic chic table.

 Burlap is sold on bolts at Walmart, Hancocks, JoAnns - I cut my burlap into 13 inch sections across the width. {sorry no photo for that part} Then I use a soda box or cereal box for my 3" pattern and start measuring the long 13" wide piece into 3" section. Each pocket starts out 3" wide & 13" long. 

To mark a line in the burlap simply pull out a cross thread. Can you see the 'line' in the photo above?
Maybe the next photo will help

Pull the thread out every 3", it will leave a noticeable 'gap' or line. Cut along this line for a straight edge on your pocket. You will leave the sides unfinished. 

I get about 9 pockets from each section of burlap. I then lay the lace out on the pocket and cut it straight across for the same 3" width. Measure it against your burlap pocket section to be sure it will be the right size.  Then simply fold up the bottom of your pocket. I usually fold up less than half. You want to leave enough at the top for the knife and fork to lie against. {see the first photo}

Place the burlap and lace under your presser foot and start sewing! Right down the edge of the lace catching the burlap edges to close the pocket. You don't have to stitch across the bottom, the fold is there. Stitch up the opposite side from bottom to top stopping at the top of the pocket. Back stitch to secure and snip the thread. :) Voila! you have a burlap pocket. Did you know that term 'presser foot'? If not contact me about my basic sewing class.  I occasionally schedule beginner sewing sessions on the Prairie. If you are interested send me an email. Have a Happy Day Friends! 

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