Basic Sewing for Wedding DIY

Bunting Flag DIY tutorial +
A Pinterest Contest to Win 9 feet of Bunting!

Here’s a Basic Sewing DIY tutorial for anyone with little to no sewing skills. Make a bunting for your wedding decor with these easy steps. 
Supplies needed:
Sewing Machine
Scissors & pins, an old cereal box (or other chipboard container)
Fabric & a package of extra wide double fold bias tape (very important that it is double fold)
Start with your fabric choice – lay them out together and decide how you want to arrange them. Sometimes prints and stripes play nice and sometimes they need a little help from a solid. Woven fabrics work best but don’t be afraid to experiment. After all it’s just bunting. I'm using a single fabric print here. Aren't those daisies happy?

Download the bunting template here 
Print it and make your pattern from chipboard (cereal box)
Now you’re ready to start cutting – lay out the pattern on your fabric. Fold the fabric over once or twice depending on how thick it is. This way you will cut multiple flags at a time.

Open your bias tape and fold out one side – do not fold it entirely open, you want the single fold against the front of your flag. Lay the flag face up along the folded edge and slide under the presser foot. Lower your machine’s presser foot and start sewing. Viola! As you come to the end of the first flag decide how much space you want to leave between each one.

Keep sewing along and adding flags until you reach about 2-3 inches from the end. You can either leave the last few inches of bias tape open or sew it closed. It’s entirely up to you. This is the point where you will attach another length of bunting if you want to make a length longer than 9 feet.
Once your finished -- fold the other half of the bias tape over the raw edge of the flags and stitch the length of the tape. This gives a nice clean finish. You can use straight or zig zag stitch.

Enter to win 9 feet of bunting by completing ALL of the following steps:
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You must complete all three to be entered. Good Luck!
The contest ends at midnight Saturday March 16. The winner will be announced Sunday March 17 

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