Buffet or seated service for the wedding reception meal?

Buffet vs seated wedding meal

Majority of couples choose the buffet without much consideration for a seated or food station style reception. Here are some things to consider when making the decision regarding how to serve your wedding meal --
What do you and your soon-to-be spouse want in a wedding meal?
Are you casual about dining? Is food an important part of either of your careers? 
Perhaps you have a laid back approach to the wedding menu. You want it to be delicious and fun but it won't take a front row seat on the wedding budget bus. That's cool! Decide before you start planning what will be served how significant the meal is to you both.

Will it be 'sit down' or 'buffet' style? Many brides think the buffet is a less expensive route but actually it can break down to about the same cost. Caterers must take into consideration on a buffet that some guests will make more than one trip to the prime rib or mushroom risotto. Extra helpings are added to the budget. 
With a sit down meal that is served by staff, guest count can be more important but the caterer has a fairly accurate count of how many plates to prepare. Even if a few extra servings are included it doesn't usually add up to the percentage that caterer may add to a buffet. Uncle Henry may hit the buffet 3 times but if Uncle Joe shows up without RSVPing -- an extra guest or two can be anticipated with less food or money waste. Something to keep in mind when you weigh the difference between buffet and sit down.

A few years ago a new trend started in the wedding industry - Food Stations
The idea has held on and seems here to stay for several reasons. Food stations work great at large celebrations for serving many guests at once. Each station is dedicated to a particular course or food such as a potato bar or sundae bar. The congestion typically endured by wedding guests at one long buffet is alleviated and everyone mingles and enjoys the experience of sampling what each food station has to offer.
Keep in mind that food stations are multiple buffets. 

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