Free Wedding 'Thank You' Printables

Here are 3 sources for FREE Wedding Thank You Printable's. All ready for you to print, write your special 'thank you' note and mail. You have a full year according to the rule of wedding etiquette for those Thank You's that have piled up.

'I Do' it yourself free vintage frame

The Sweetest Occasion bicycle Thank You

Wedding Chicks Thank You Photo Card

But don't procrastinate, it will only make the task more challenging. In six months will you really remember if Aunt Beth or Aunt Kate gave you the bath towels? And can you read your maid of honors handwriting? Does that say Sara or Clara - and who is that? You have thank you notes to write to people you have probably never met. Don't rely on your memory, get started as soon as you return from your honeymoon. Turn on some romantic music and open a bottle of wine, enlist your husband to help with addressing and stamps. You will be done in no time! 
Need a little help with the wording? 
'Dear Aunt ____ 
Thank You so much for the generous gift of $50. Ted and I appreciate your thoughtfulness.
Dear Mr & Mrs Clark
Thank you for the crock pot. We appreciate your thoughtfulness,
Becky and Ted
You're not writing a novel; say Thank You, name the gift and close with an appropriate ending, 'love' if the giver is a close friend or family member, 'sincerely' if a distant relative or a co-worker etc.
You're all set -- enjoy browsing the web for more free printables!

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