Wedding String Art

Want to give your wedding a hip, fun twist? Wedding string art offers a different method to get your love story across to guests. How about this beautiful quote literally 'strung up' on the privacy fence of someone's backyard -
Green Wedding Shoes
For a smaller display, try your initials or a heart.
The Green Kangaroo

The Ruffled Blog
The Simple DIY is to type out whatever your message will be and adjust the font to 'outline' in order to conserve ink. Use a simple classic font for best results such as Cambria or a smooth cursive font, Lucida for example. Tape your paper down straight on whatever your back board will be and start tapping linoleum  nails around the edge of the letters. Keep the nails evenly spaced and at a fairly even height. Gently tear the paper away once you have the nails in and start stringing. 
It's time consuming but the results or 'oh so adorable'. If you like the detail and 'anthropologie' inspiration but don't have the time or crafty gene-- don't worry. You can still incorporate details such as string art into your wedding decor. At Prairie Sage it's what we love to do! Shoot us an email or message us on face book. We'll  sit down with you and come up with a plan for using unique creations such as string art for the details that matter. 

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