Are Church Weddings Making a Come Back?

Are Church weddings returning to vogue? For the past decade or more, brides have turned to outdoor settings, rustic locales and non-traditional ceremony venues to exchange 'I Do's'. However, according to popular wedding magazines and those 'in-the-know' such as the Huffington Post; couples are returning to their family churches more than ever to exchange their vows. If you are considering a church wedding,  here are a few to set your mind racing. These are beautifully painted by the early Czech and German immigrants to central Texas. 


High Hill

Isn't it comforting to know that the church is still there when you need it? While it may have been years since you attended mass, or Sunday School your always welcome. Life's important landmarks - weddings, christenings, & funerals - are more significant when celebrated in church. Where will you say 'I Do'?.

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