Bridesmaid Gift Box

Will you be my brides maid?

If you were a flower girl in a wedding as a small child chances are good you spent weeks afterward pretending to be the bride. Most little girls take the job of flower girl very seriously. But have you given much thought to the responsibilities of a bridesmaid? As a grown up girl you may be asked to be a bridesmaid at a friends wedding or a maid of honor. As a maid of honor there are a few more responsibilities. It is an honor for either role. Here are a few of the responsibilities you may be asked to fulfill.

As a maid of honor you are in charge of planning the bachelorette party, organizing and peace keeping if necessary among the bridesmaids, shopping for the wedding gown with the bride and bridesmaid dress with the bridesmaids. You are all (bridesmaids and maid of honor) expected to attend any showers or luncheons in honor of the bride to be. One of you, typically the maid of honor but not always will be asked to assist the bride in changing from her wedding gown to her departure outfit. If you are asked to assist with this be prepared to pack her wedding gown safely and arrange for it's safe keeping until she returns from her honeymoon.  Brides maids may help with addressing invitations, packing or adding details to the wedding favors or other small tasks that alleviate stress from the bride. 
For the Bride to Be here is a sweet gift box tutorial designed especially for your bridesmaids. In it you might include any number of items that you are considering. Asking your friends and close family gal pals to be your bridesmaids is a milestone in any friendship. Make it memorable and convey the ideas you have for them regarding dress and accessories with this adorable take out box. 

Images on the gift box are from The Graphics Fairy 

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