Bridal Bouquet Trends

Like everything else in the wedding industry bridal bouquet trends come and go and frequently come again. Take the cascade bouquet for example: Princess Diana carried a massive cascading bouquet on her wedding day in 1981 and the trend continued for well over a decade before falling out of favor. Recently the cascade style bridal bouquet is sneaking back into wedding floral fashion albeit without quite the exuberant display typical in the 1980's.
The Hidden Garden floral design

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Another bouquet trend I would like to see more of is the Steam Punk style. These bouquets incorporate metal, found objects and relics reminiscent of the industrial age and machines. I would say a bride who carries a Steam Punk inspired bridal bouquet is marching to her own drum. "March on Sweetheart!"

This bouquet doesn't use any flowers, but is made of copper wiring, pearls and crystals. Visit the etsy shop (link below photo) to view more.
Bridal bouquets can break the rules. If you aren't a roses and stephanotis gal, don't hesitate to jump out of the box. Take photos of bouquets you like or that have particular design styles you admire to show your floral designer. He or she can tell you how they would create something unique for you using similar details. Often when you sit down with a designer, no matter the medium whether flowers, wiring, paper or fabric your vision and style helps the designer understand you better as a client and you may create something together that starts the newest bridal bouquet trend. Don't be shy about saying what you like or don't like when it comes to florals and bouquets for your wedding. Inspiration is where fabulous creations begin.

Bridal bouquets can still be all about flowers; and be different. Consider this stunning King Protea Bouquet. This is a tropical bloom native to the Cape of Africa. Singularly spectacular, it needs little adornment as it properly should be the focus of any arrangement it occupies.
More non-traditional bouquets to enjoy:

The brooch bouquet has been popular for a few years and doesn't show signs of losing favor anytime soon. It can be as varied as the jewels that make up this bridal bouquet and the handle is another  focus for personal details.

This paper ranunculus bouquet will last long after the party ends. What are you planning for your bridal bouquet? Do share a comment and Happy Wedding Wishes!

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