Appetizers for Cocktail Hour

Cheers to the day that ‘cocktail hour’ replaced the receiving line couples were forced to endure for decades! I won’t go into details or reminisce about the hours my groom and I stood in our receiving line back in the day. Let’s fast forward to the present! Brides and Grooms now mingle and enjoy greeting guests as waiters serve cocktails and appetizers prior to the reception dinner.
What will you serve as the appetizers for your cocktail hour?

For autumn weddings consider soup shooters. This beautiful and delicious soup is Spiced Butternut Pumpkin.  Served warm in small shooter glasses it will set the mood for a bountiful fall wedding menu.  The color is gorgeous too!

Empanadas are typically filled with a meat mixture encased in a small crusty envelope. These are perfect appetizers prior to a Tex-Mex reception dinner. They will give guests a clue to the upcoming meal you have planned for them. Mojitos or sangria would make perfect cocktails to consider serving with these small Latin turnovers.

Is there anything more delicious than fresh tomatoes? A tomato tart speaks to the southerner in all of us. This recipe from Southern Living includes three different cheeses; Mozzarella, Parmesan and a sharp Cheddar.

Speaking of cheese; have you considered a cheese station rather than appetizers passed by waiters? 

Speaking of Southern food, introduce guests who may not be familiar with the combination of bacon and grits to this bite sized morsel.  Panko bread crumbs hold this taste of southern heaven together. This appetizer will deliver your guests to the reception dinner ready for more delicious southern cuisine.

 This tortellini skewer appetizer would be perfect for a vineyard wedding venue.  Sugar snap peas, grape tomatoes and cheese tortellini make up this elegant hors d’oeuvre. Consider pairing it with Sangiovese wine. 


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