5 Fabulous Champagne Cocktails

Wondering what to serve your wedding guests during cocktail hour? 
Pomegranate Champagne Punch
Pomegranate Champagne Punch
For the recipe visit:  Kitchen Daily

The dilemma: a nice classy cocktail or two that doesn't shout 'cheap' but leaves enough of your alcohol budget for the dinner & dancing to follow. Here are 5 classic Champagne Punches that will impress your guests and be gentle on your budget. Consider California sparkling wine or Spanish Cava instead of the classic but pricey French Champagne. The wine will actually be mixed with other ingredients. You don't want to use something that would peel wall paper but  reputable sparkling wines and cava's are available that are no where near the price of  a single bottle of DP (& I don't mean Dr. Pepper folks). Read on for 4 more delicious, classy drinks.

Italian Spritz
Italian Spritz Punch
Food & Wine

Champagne Punch (basic)


Blood Orange Champagne Punch

Spoon Fork Bacon

Mimosa Champagne Punch
Paula Deen

Alright Ya'll.. (in my best Paula Deen imitation voice) get out there and get your Happy Hour on! It's important to taste test the punch before you serve it to your wedding guests.. right? (enjoy responsibly)

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