Feed The Birds!

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Bird feeding is easy and fun for anyone no matter your age, ability or skill level. Wondering what to get your grandmother or other elderly family member for Christmas? Why not a bird feeder! Hang your feeder from an eave near a sunny window and fill with quality bird seed mix. The birds will enjoy the seeds and you will have a nature show just outside your window.
A quality feeder has a few requirements: a wide cover over the feeding ports and perches help prevent feed from being buried by snow or ice; Place the feeder in a sheltered location close to the house (window sill feeders are great for watching from indoors). Keep your feeders clean. Clean the feeder regularly to keep them free of mold and mildew that can cause disease. Consider a heated bird bath; finding fresh water can be difficult for birds in the winter.
Choose evergreen shrubs if you are considering new landscape plants. Evergreens offer small birds shelter and protection from critters in the winter months when other trees and shrubs are bare. Many evergreens produce berries, a welcome addition to the winter diet for small birds. When your shopping for bird feed, consider Cole's Wild Bird Products. They have a wide variety and many products designed to attract birds and deter squirrels and other critters.

Cole's Songbird Mix

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