French Grain Sack DIY

Expect a hefty price tag if you are shopping for grain sacks to incorporate into your wedding or home decor. I found copyright free images at the Graphics Fairy that you can use with an easy DIY to make your own sacks.

Hessian or Osnaburg fabric is $3.47-$5.47 a yard at Wal-Mart. Determine how large you want your table topper or sack to be and purchase the fabric. Before you transfer the image, soak your fabric in strong cold coffee, tea or dye (Skip this step if you don't want the aged 'vintage' look). Hang it outside to drip dry and don't throw it in the clothes dryer as the heat will shrink it. The colors should be faded and darker in places, the longer it soaks the deeper the staining. If you roll or wad it up in the bucket the color variation will be especially striking. Artist Transfer Paper is available at Michael's craft store and gives a nice finished image (much better than the old iron on transfers). You will need to print the image in the appropriate size and be sure to use the flipped image for the transfer. Karen, (the graphics fairy) supplies a flipped image on her site for most of her transfer images. I have a clothes press that makes a very professional finished transfer. If you are using a household iron be sure it is HOT and be careful. Follow the directions exactly on the Artists Transfer Paper & Voila! You have a replica 'vintage' French grain sack. I have tried the Citrus Solve transfer method and the Paint Thinner transfer method, neither worked well for me at all. I'm much happier with the Artist Transfer Paper. If you still don't believe this is a project you are willing to take on, call me! I love custom work and this is exactly the sort of fabric design work I would love to help you create. Use it on your tables at your wedding & have it as a keepsake for your new home. How awesome does that sound?

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