50 Wedding Websites You Can't Live Without!

Hello Friends! We are facing another Day of 100+ heat. But don't despair, I have 50 websites for you to enjoy in the comfort of your PJ's, iced latte and A/C! Rock on! errr.. Surf On!

The wedding pro's at have compiled the 50 Wedding Websites you can't live without & without further ado, here they are:
Barbershop Seating
Three Potato Four
I could devote an ENTIRE blogpost to Etsy alone but here is a sample for your travel-loving groom!
Custom Vintage Map Cufflinks.  Perfect for your Best Man.
Juanita's shop via Etsy

Ok.. you get the idea! I hope you have a large latte and are really comfy because you are about to lose most of the day browsing all this loveliness; Oh well.. it's miserable hot outdoors.

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