Where to Start: Hiring a Caterer for your Wedding Reception

Talk to friends who are already married and find out who they used as a caterer. Professional recommendations: Ask your venue manager or other wedding vendors for suggestions.  Experienced wedding professionals will recommend people who are easy to work with and deliver quality products & services, rather than those who will give them a portion of the fee for a referral.
Hors D'oeuvres on Sleigh
sleigh image courtesy of The Wherehouse

image courtesy of Intimate Weddings

When you go to interview a caterer, ask him or her how long he or she has been in business & how he or she decides how much food to serve. Discuss whether you are having buffet or more formal sit-down. Often the cost is similar since the caterer must have 'extra' portions for guests who may make a second trip. Will glasses, utensils and plates be included? Can the caterer can accommodate individual dietary needs, how much he or she charges as a deposit and a cancellation policy.
Be sure to check references. Someone whom the caterer thought was pleased may not have been and can give you valuable information. Don’t be shy about calling the references the caterer provides.
Be sure everything the caterer agrees to is in the contract.

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