New Additions: China, Wicker & a Sweet Table

 Added 18 China Dinner plates this week: total is 178 and counting!
 New hankerchiefs were added this week. We have over a dozen dainty lady's hankerchiefs, many with beautiful floral patterns or embroidery. They make a beautiful garland or photo booth backdrop.
 This large wicker trunk may have held blankets for a summer house in another life. I hope it holds beautiful flowers, wild grass bouquets or just elevates something else, like this vintage suitcase. It has rope handles on each end and a hinged lid.
Adjectives to describe the table: Small, Round, Pedestal, Character
whatever words you choose, it's perfect for an accent piece to hold decorative props. Globe? Birdcage? Candles? Lanterns? Clocks?

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