Wedding Departure Sparklers
All your sparkle questions are answered here!
I contacted Libba, the owner of Sparkle!
She recommends the 36" sparkler and explains why below:
Libba: 'The most common size sparkler ordered is the 36 inch sparkler.  Because they last for 4 minutes, you can use them for the first dance (outdoor weddings only), and the grand exit'
Libba explains:'When used for the grand exit, these are perfect for groups of over 100 as you need enough time to get all the sparklers lit and the guests lined up, while having plenty of time for the bride and groom to have their special moment.  The last thing you want is to not have all the sparklers lit when it is time to give the bride and groom their send-off.'
Will it get there in time?
Did you wait until the almost last minute? Libba's made it easy just click here to check delivery time.

Cute! Love her flip flops.. :)
Visit Libba's website SPARKLERSONLINE.COM to view her photo gallery, creative ideas and answers to your questions. Free Shipping too!
Thank you Libba! You have a great product that makes everyone smile!

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