A Lazy Blogger..

I am a lazy blogger.. I would rather be pick'n through junk, haggling over the price of a rusty minnow bucket or searching through piles of doors and windows looking for the 'just right one'.
 Unusual Wedding Venues :  wedding seattle venues Z727825 001_primarywewewe

Today I found a completely perfect (almost completely perfect) RETRO sofa.. the downer, it's Tomato Red. I think it would be awesome for a fall wedding in a pasture near a barn on a mountain. The question I ask myself: Is there a bride out there in vintage love-land that thinks a tomato red sofa from 1972 would be perfect for a lounge seating area? Something like this BARN:
And for the Coffee Bar; Green Wedding Shoes, of course!
wedding coffee bar

Tomato Red Retro Sofa:
Vintage Renwal Red Sofa Couch

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