Ceremony Seating

You have spent hours arranging the perfect seating for your reception. Where to place out-of-town guests & a seat that accomodates your grandmother's walker. Did you know the seating arrangement at your wedding ceremony is equally important? Read on and check out the interactive seating chart link at the end of this post.

Traditional Christian Church Wedding

According to wikihow it’s important to know where to seat your mom and dad as well as your soon-to-be in-laws. There are traditions in other non-christian wedding ceremonies that are equally important. The parents of the bride are seated on the left side and in the first pews of the church or ceremony area. The bride will come down the aisle on the left side of her father or other gentleman chosen by her as her escort. Even if she chooses to forego an escort she will stand on the left of the groom. So for this reason her family is seated on the left. The mother of the bride is seated last after all the other guests have arrived. The seating of the mother of the bride is the official signal that the ceremony has begun.
Your groom’s parents are seated in the first pew on the right. For the same reason as the bride’s family, because the groom will stand on the right of his bride during the ceremony. His mother is seated just before the bride’s mother and after all the other guests have arrived.
Grandparents and siblings are typically seated on the 2nd and 3rd pews behind the parents. This is typically why the pew markers are on the first 3-4 rows to reserve them for the parents of the couple and immediate family. Guests and friends are seated randomly on whichever side they choose.

A Traditional Jewish Wedding with Chuppah

For a Jewish Wedding the seating is reversed and the bride’s family is seated on the right.
The parents remain standing under the Chuppah throughout the wedding ceremony. You can use your imagination on designing the Chuppah. I have seen some really lovely ones, from twigs, vines, old barn wood even dried flowers and paper butterflies. The Chuppah is an ornamental canopy.

A Hindu Bride and Groom
Hindu Weddings typically take place outside under a canopy called a mandap. There is a small fire burning in a nearby brazier. Often a Hindu bride and groom will take part in the Henna ceremony. It is a celebratory event that involves temporary henna tattoos painted on their hands and feet in preparation for their wedding the next day. There are no traditional seating arrangements in a Hindu wedding ceremony.
The interactive seating chart on wedding wire is awesome and will have your guests socializing and meeting new friends while enjoying the celebration of your marriage.

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