Vintage Accessories! New Inventory

A few of the latest additions to the Prairie Sage Inventory. I have more milk glass flower vases, goblets even a little milk glass boot! Old cook books and cake stands for a cute dessert display. I added dried lavender to my galvanized french flower can (only one is pictured but we have two). Another vintage suitcase was found today. I was in line at my favorite thrift store and admiring the luggage a lady in line ahead of me was holding. When she checked out she told the clerk she didn't want the suitcase! SWEET! I was next to check out and told the clerk 'I'll take that suitcase!!'. I love the Globe we found in Shreveport. We also tasted cupcakes at Buttercup Bakery (as seen on Food Network!). I had coconut, Steve had peanut butter. Both were yum!

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