Garden Vegetable Boxes and Baby Boys

Where has the year gone? oh - Growing vegetables and playing with a baby boy. I took a sabbatical from the blog to grow vegetables, play with our grandson and make stuff in general. 

Tommy with a crab on his belly from Oklahoma Aquarium

vegetable grow boxes - 4X8 feet - 4ft tall {for the lazy gardener}

Audrey and I made fairy gardens galore!

Zucchini - plant it & it will grow! 
Have you visited the Perot Natural Science Museum in Dallas? You don't have to be a kid to enjoy it. If you ever wanted to pet a dinosaur here's your chance! 
Happy Fall Ya'll - The fun on the Prairie continues. 
I have great DIY for you this Saturday. Grab a cup of joe and hang out a while. 

3 Flavored Water Recipes

3 Flavored Water Recipes:
If your reception is outdoors in the early fall or summer consider flavored waters in several dispensers for guests to help themselves. Here are 3 recipes sure to please your thirsty guests.

Hottest Wedding Trend for 2014!

Hottest Wedding Trend for 2014 Ombre! It started out slow but has continued to grow. Ombre wedding gowns will be more popular than ever in 2014. Here are a few photos to inspire ombre brides!
paper butterfly backdrop
Brides who choose an ombre wedding gown have a flair for dramatic details and do not hesitate to step out of the traditional wedding box. 

Feathered Ombre Gown

Mori Lee Bridal

photo credit
These ombre gowns would be beautiful in any ceremony setting; on a beach, forest, cathedral or urban space. If your are considering ombre details for your wedding - be selective in where you use it, don't over do it. The subtlety of ombre is it's magic. Used in the key details such as your wedding gown, the cake or even flowers - it can produce the 'wow' factor for a bride who is seeking to add a dramatic twist on tradition.  

5 Tips for a Bridesmaids' Speech

Your best friend is getting married and she's asked you to be her maid of honor! Here are 5 simple tips for a bridesmaids speech.

Yes, you will be politely expected to stand up and speak to the guests about your best friend {the bride}. Ready? I thought not -- ok, here are 5 simple tips to help you look your best and be prepared.

Featured Vendor chat with Hello Kendra Michelle Photography

This month's featured vendor chat is with Hello Kendra Michelle Photography ~ 
We were lucky to catch up with Kendra, creative wonder woman powering ‘Hello Kendra Michelle Photography. Here is our casual conversation with this talented young lady:
#1 what influenced you to become a photographer?

This may sound so cliche, but I really find enjoyment in creating memories for people. Having the privilege to document a special day or time in other people's life is a total blast, even more so when they get all giddy over the images, give a hug and say a simple 'thank you' - how rewarding! 

I hope my images can be a constant reminder of the joyful times in life - everyone goes through the 'ups and downs'  of life and need a reminder of the good times :) I want my images to do just that. 

Hello Kendra Michelle Photography

Hello Kendra Michelle Photography' Wow - what a beautiful experience working with Kendra. And her art? Every portrait image is carefully edited and truly expresses the personality and spirit of this young mother-to-be. 
portrait by Hello Kendra Michelle Photography

4 Fantastic Honeymoon Destinations in the U.S.


Honeymoon destinations in the U.S. eliminate the need for passports, customs going in and out of the country and can reduce the time you spend actually getting to your honeymoon destination.

Island Bay Resort
key largo